AHIMSA - More Comfort Solid Cork Yoga Mat | 6.5 mm

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Choose from 3 cotton webbing colours 

Weight: Light 1.35 kg

Thickness: Extra 6.5 mm 

Size: W/L 61cm x 183 cm

AHIMSA Cork Mat (Sanskrit: अहिंसा - no violence towards yourself and all other beings) 

Most suitable for restorative Yoga practices and for Pilates. Designed  for individuals who seeks extra joint support and protection.  Best used for Yin Yoga, Kundalini,  Meditation, Iyengar, Hot Yoga . It will give your skin, joints, knees, elbows and back maximum anti-shock and support protection. It will initiate you to a new way of enjoying your practice during your journeys to the local yoga studio or around the world lighter and better prepared. Thanks to its fusion of natural lightweight properties and extra cushioning

Face side made from whole, organic & raw, sustainably harvested South European solid cork

Base side Eco-friendly 100% recyclable and biodegradable material inserted in the net of fine glass fabric, called TPE

NO PVC, Latex, Tree Rubber, Bisphenol, Phthalates, no AZO dyes, No EVA toxic Foams, No heavy Metals (no cadmium, mercury or lead). No glued cork granules, cork scrap or brittle cork powder...

Hypoallergenic efficiently neutralises body odours, microbes, bacteria & wicks moisture and sweat away, naturally

Better Grip & Alignment our solid cork mats provide a much greater grip the more you sweat, which increases with use. Straight layout pattern of our cork, will guide you to a better alignment during your asana. 

Durable: wear & tear resistant and, if used according to our care instructions, has a life span of years

CARE Tips:
Easy does it! Most of the time there is no need to clean your mat at all. Our Mats are made with non-porous cork, making them most hygienic and easy to keep clean. Use soft cloth with some water or drop of gentle soap when just opened and in the need of cleaning.  Let it air dry laying out flat before rolling in.

Vegan Approved | Fair | Cruelty- free

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